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Liberia allays cyber security threat fears

Liberia’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has assured the business community that the government will ensure that their businesses are protected against cyber security threats in the country.According to Posts and Telecommunications Minister Cooper Kruah, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led Government takes the protection of businesses and the general economy from this growing threat very seriously.

Minister Krauh gave the assurance Tuesday at the start of the Liberia National Cyber Security Forum organized by the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation being held under the theme “Understanding Cyber Security in a Digital Economy” in the capital Monrovia.

“Businesses, both big and small, also need to accept that cyber threats pose enormous and immediate risk to their bottom line,” he stated.

He stressed that discussions about cyber security should take place across businesses from boardrooms to the front desks, noting that their focus on cyber security is about helping  to safeguard the economy.

Minister Kruah asserted that it is about making sure that Liberia remains open for business and ensuring that businesses are safe in cyberspace.

“ Across  the Cabinet, we are working  hard  to build  a stronger, more competitive  digitalized  economy, it means faster, more convenient ways of communicating and delivering ideas, products and services to customers,” he added.

He maintained that as Liberia encourages better use of the internet, she must also ensure having an online environment that is as safe and secure as possible.

The Posts and Telecommunications Boss noted that the increased reliance on networked devices and new technology is matched by the growing problems of cyber security threats.

According to him, while we have worked hard to build a productive and competitive economy cyber attacks can bring it to a screaming halt or bring it crashing down in minutes.

He indicated that cyber attacks require  a comprehensive and coordinated response and the government has a significant role to play which includes putting the right policy in place, passing the cyber-crime law, data protection and signing on to various cyber conventions including the Malabo, Budapest  convention among others.

Minister Kruah added that with the enumerations of the several cyber incidents, the Liberian government is taking steps to put the country in the best position alongside some of its partners to get it ready to tackle these never-ending threats in the cyberspace.

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