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Liberia declares May 25 as ‘Africa Day’

President George Manneh Weah has by Proclamation declared Saturday, May 25, as “Africa Day” and is to be observed throughout the Republic as a “Working Holiday”.According to a Foreign Ministry release, this year’s “Africa Day” will be celebrated under the theme: ““Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons:. Toward Durable Solutions to forced Displacement in Africa.”

The Proclamation calls on government ministries and agencies, business houses to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to execute appropriate programs befitting the occasion.

The Proclamation noted that as a founding Member of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union (AU), Liberia will join the AU Liaison Office in Liberia, the African Diplomatic Corps and the United Nations to celebrate this year’s “Africa Day.”

The Proclamation recalled that the OAU, now African Union (AU), was formed and established on May 25, 1963, to inter alia, rid the continent of the remaining vestiges of colonization and apartheid;
promote unity and solidarity among African States; coordinate and intensify cooperation for development; safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Member States and promote international cooperation within the framework of the United Nations.

The release says the African Union, as a continental body comprising 55 Member States, has continued to provide an effective forum that enables its Member States to adapt coordinated positions on matters of concern to the African continent at international fora as well as
defend the interest of Africa effectively.

The Proclamation notes that in the creation of the OAU and its subsequent transformation into the AU, Liberia remained conscious, as a pioneer leader, of her African vocation and has consistently
projected a spirit of collaboration with fellow African States to ensure the consolidation of independence and peace on the Continent.

“The Government of Liberia supports plans of the institutional reform at the African Union, geared towards the efficient and effective management of the business of the continental body at both the
political and operational levels,” the release further declared.

The Proclamation then indicated that the Government of Liberia is fully committed to upholding and supporting rules and procedures laid down by the international body.

Africa Day, formerly known as Africa Liberation Day, has been celebrated annually on May 25, to mark the determination of the people of Africa to liberate the continent from foreign domination and exploitation as well as the signing of the Charter establishing the Organization of African Unity (OAU) on May 25, 1963.

Published on 28.04.2020

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