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Liberia: President Weah drops re-election bid hint

Liberian President Weah has dropped a hint over his impending bid for re-election when the country goes to the polls in October 2023.The former African and World Footballer of the Year used his annual state of the nation address to drop more than a hint that he would seek a second mandate to be Liberian president for another six years.

Africa’s only Ballon d’Or winner said “I will be coming to you shortly to ask you to renew for a second time the mandate that you gave me six years ago”.  

The last two of Weah’s six years as president have been marked by street demonstrations over rising standard of living, corruption in high places and general food shortages.

President Weah, 56, was heavily criticised by critics and opponents for spending weeks attending the football World Cup in Qatar, apparently neglecting the affairs of his country.

However, the Liberian leader dismissed these criticisms saying ”the state of our nation is strong. The state of our nation is stable. The state of our nation is peaceful and secure. We intend to keep it this way.” 

He said if handed a second mandate, it would be a period of ”opportunity,… transformation… and development” for Liberians who have become increasingly restive since he came to power in 2018 following his election in 2017.

Liberia, a country of 5 million people who witnessed more than a decade of civil wars beginning in 1989, goes to the polls on October 10th 2023. 

Close to 300, 000 people had died in two civil wars between 1989 and 2003 and a devastating Ebola epidemic in 2015.

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