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Limbe: disgruntled guards block Camtel entrance over unpaid salaries

Guards at the Limbe branch of state-owned telecommunications corporations Camtel on Wednesday morning staged a protest infront of the company’s office to demand their arrears.

The workers blocked the main entrance to the office this morning, erecting placards requesting five months unpaid salaries.

One of the workers spoke to said several negotiations with the company’s officials have failed to yield the expected fruits.

The workers say they have been unable to send their children to school because due to their lack of funds as they equally decried the poor working conditions which they are going through.

Stepping in to solve the crisis, the Divisional Officer of Limbe I Epalle Seraphin has reportedly given a one-week ultimatum to the Camtel hierachy in Limbe to pay the striking workers.

He gave the ultimatum after chairing a crisis meeting behind closed doors with the guards, Camtel officials and forces of law and order.

Camtel offices were again opened shortly after mid day after the meeting helped to pacify the tensed air that had been brewing around the area in the course of the morning.

Published on 28.04.2020

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