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Limbe heavy rains kill four

Two days of unrelenting downpour of rain in Cameroon’s south west town of Limbe have left at least four people dead, several sources said on Wednesday.

According to witnesses, two people drowned as a result of rising water levels, while two others died after being swept away by landslides following the torrential rains.

“In addition to the four casualties that we have counted, many people are distressed, both patients and people whose homes were either totally, or partially washed away by the raging waters” the authorities of the seaside town said.

According to other sources, many people have been rendered homeless, while others are temporarily accommodated in schools or with relatives, waiting for help.

Since Sunday, several towns in the Far North, Littoral and South-West regions of Cameroon have been battered by heavy rains, suggesting that the death toll could be revised upwards.

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