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We live in constant fear- Ayah Paul’s wife

Justice Ayah Paul Abine, facing injustice? (c)All rights reserved

Ayah Paul Abine, Supreme Court Deputy Advoctate General and former CPDM Member of Parliament is awaiting trial. He has been in detention at the State Secretariat of Defense since January 21, 2017. He was taken away manu militari from his home by plain clothes men without a warrant. They did not tell him his crime.

Since then, his family has not stopped decrying what they describe as injustice. They have continued demanding he should be freed. His counsel had even instituted proceedings in the Mfoundi High Court to obtain his release; a request which has been turned down by judges at the high court..

In an interview published in French language daily, Le Jour of April 24, his wife, Valentine Ayah Endalle, discussed the circumstances surrounding his arrest. “That day, it was about 5 pm when the gendarmes arrived our home. I was preparing his food. It was from the kitchen that I heard voices asking him to stand up and follow them. He asked them where they would take him on a Saturday. The gendarmes replied that they had been ordered to drive him manu militari to the military court,”she said.

It was on the way that they realized that the gendarmes were taking them to the State Secretariat for Defence. Since that day life has never been the same; says Valentine Ayah Endalle. “Since my husband was arrested, we have been visited twice by unknown persons here. My last son who lives here with me has been getting death threats since his dad was arrested. We have already filed complaints with the authorities. But I appeal to the government to protect us. We live in fear and total anxiety;”she complained.

Ayah Paul’s wife told Le Jour she does not understand why her husband is still detained. “My husband was never a secessionist. When the English crisis began, he suggested that the government put in place a good framework for dialogue. We are even more hopeless because government has remained silent over the issue:” said Valentine Ayah Endalle, who says she now lives the life of a widow.

Published on 28.04.2020

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