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Local chief murdered in Mundemba by separatists

A local chief in Mundemba in the South West region of Cameroon has been shot to death by suspected armed men belonging to the separatist movement.

Local sources say Chief Nwese was shot and killed for having two children in the gendarmerie force as well as reportedly conniving with soldiers to fish out separatists in the community.

One of his sons Major Nwese is a Company commander in Manyu where the fight against separatist has been very intense with the death of several soldiers.

The death of Chief Nwese comes to add to the number of traditional authorities killed in the region in connection to the crisis.

A local chief was recently murdered in Meme by unknown men in a funeral after receiving an anonymous call. The chief was said to have been helping the security forces with their operation in the area.

Published on 28.04.2020

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