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Malawi: Overwhelming response to cannabis production applications

Malawi’s Cannabis Regulatory Authority has received a high number of applications from Malawians wishing to be licenced to marijuana for medicinal and industrial use, the body announced on Tuesday.CRA chairman Boniface Kadzamira said in a statement that the regulator had received more than 100 applications from prospective cannabis producers.

“We have received an overwhelming response in terms of applications for licences, but applicants must appreciate that we’ll not give everyone a licence at once,” said Kadzamira.

The Malawian parliament approved a law authorising the production of cannabis or marijuana for medicinal and industrial use in February this year.

Kadzamira spoke days after Agriculture Minister Lobin Lowe announced on November 20 that people wishing to grow and sell cannabis in Malawi will have to pay up to US$10,000 to get a license.

Farmers will have to part with a US$1,000 non-refundable fee for a license to grow ordinary cannabis and US$500 for industrial hemp.

Those wishing to grow medicinal cannabis will have to part with is a US$10,000 fee, according to the gazette by Lowe.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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