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Mali opposition coalitions boycott meeting with president

Two coalitions of the Malian opposition, namely the Front for the Safeguard of the Opposition (FSO) and the Coalition of the Patriotic Forces (COFOP) have rejected the idea of meeting President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita over constitutional reforms, APA can report.While the meeting with President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was scheduled for 3pm for the FSD and 5pm for the COFOP, the two main opposition coalitions simply didn’t show up.


The purpose of the meeting was to submit to them the preliminary draft constitutional reform for consideration and suggestions.


Last Wednesday, President IBK received the presidential majority in audience to give them the document for the same purpose.


It was the turn of the opposition to receive their copy but unanimously, the two coalitions said that they do not want thie text at this precise moment, considering that “the priority, it is not constitutional reform, but the resolution of the security and school crises.”


Constitutional reform is required for the implementation of the agreement for peace and reconciliation but a first draft was rejected by the opposition and a part of civil society in 2017.


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