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Mali’s political opposition claims victory over court ruling

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The Malian opposition considered that the Constitutional Court’s ruling, which issued “reservations and observations” on a dozen articles of the new constitutional draft to be proposed for the referendum is an “outstanding victory”.”The court’s ruling is a victory for us because the court was asked whether or not the referendum is in conformity with the Constitution. The Court expressed reservations and observations on the text and added that the text would be good only after taking into account its reservations and observations. This means that the text is not good at the moment,” Mody N’diaye, opposition MP, said during a press conference on Friday in Bamako.

The Court’s reservations include an omission in the Parliament Speaker’s oath of office, vagueness in the term of office of senators appointed by the Speaker.

The Constitutional Court referred the text to a second reading, while the draft is being debated across the country.

The opposition parties which are against the referendum reiterated their appeal to the president to withdraw the controversial draft constitutional amendment.

“We call on President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita to take advantage of the Constitutional Court’s ruling to withdraw purely and simply the draft constitutional amendment,” said Amadou Thiam, another opposition MP.

The opposition added it will organize a march against the proposed constitutional revision on 15 July.

Published on 28.04.2020

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