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Man Makes Millions By Selling Cockroaches To Chinese

Joseph Mgimba

Uganda man known as Joseph Mgimba is making millions of francs CFA, from selling cockroaches to chinese.

He narrated  how he started training cockroaches and selling them out to the chinese who eat usenit as a full meal. The man said that when he newly started training the crockroaches, his neighbors and others thought he ran mad.

The man explains that he trains them in containers that look likr suitcases and keep them at temperature tha favors them. He adds he is very good at what he does and he has sold many cockroaches since he starteed trianing them.

Many took him for a man who has lost track  of the realities of life , no one embraced hs vision. ” I am making quite good money from the business of selling these insects when due.

He however says the brown insects are healthy food, and contains protein and he affirms they are not  harmful for the body.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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