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Man Takes Advantage Of His Girlfriend’s Illness To Empty Her Bank Account 

While she was in intensive care, the man with whom she shared her life decided to snitch out stealing her money.

The scene takes place in Scotland. Lynda Grant is between life and death. She suffers from a brain tumor. The forecasts are not so optimistic. But hope remains. However, this is not the opinion of her companion, the so-called William Dunn. His girlfriend has been ill for two years and now spends most of her time in the hospital. His commitment to her is nowhere near as strong as it was at the start of their relationship. However, the lady is still just as in love and has an absolute trust in her companion making her allow the guy access to her bank account. A fairly comprehensive thing given his state of health and the constant need to deduct money to pay bills in pharmacies and at the hospital.
This is how he will take advantage of the opportunity to not only pay the medical bills but also to line his pockets. Worse still, William decides to start a new relationship. He will go further and propose to his new girlfriend, then marry her while Lynda is still in the hospital bed.
Except that, to her surprise, the illness didn’t get the better of Lynda. She eventually recovers. When she leaves the hospital, she realizes that almost €120,000 (CFA F 75 million) has been debited from her account by William. The latter in his defense will say that he did it for investments which Lynda had given her agreement. But the latter indicates that she has never heard of any investment and explains that it is not her habit to invest in other activities; she is content with the income that comes from her employment.
This is long after Lynda’s daughter (a child she had before meeting William) explains that she was informed that William took advantage of his mother’s illness to marry Karen Dolan. The information comes from the photos of the wedding ceremony which were published on Facebook. But William Dunn denies having engaged with another. The case is pending before the prosecutor…

Ekwang Published on 22.09.2022

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