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Cameroonians living with diabetes still don’t know they have it- Diabetologist

Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, Diabetologist ©All rights reserved

Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, a diabetologist at the national centre for diabetes and hypertension at the yaounde central hospital, says many Cameroonians living with diabetes still don’t know they have it.

Professor Mbanya was speaking on April 19 during the 3rd African diabetes congress in Yaounde taking place under the theme: “shaping the future of the diabetes care in Africa.

Going by the diabetologist, massive screening campaigns are organised regularly because a good number of patients still do not know they are sufferers. Explaining the two types of diabetes and their prevention, the researcher said with type I diabetes, the patients are bound to use insolene for life, whereas with type II diabetes, the patients can control it with the right diet, tablets, physical exercise, and eventually insolene. He revealed over 80% percent of diabetic patients in Cameroon fall within the type II group. He further explained that the treatment of the disease is costly and ranges between 250,000FCFA, and 1 million FCFA depending on the patient’s case.

Stating the main prevention modes, the diabetologist said healthy diets, regular physical activities and body weight control is key. “Patients are advised to do physical exercise, control diet and follow doctor’s prescription”.

Presently, Cameroon’s centre for diabetes and hypertension consults an average of 210 diabetic and hypertensive patients daily. Going by official statistics, about 6% of the population in Cameroon has the disease while over 6,500 diebetic related deaths were recorded in 2013. Medics say complications from diabetes include kidney and heart failure, stroke, high and low blood pressure.

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