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Maurice Kamto declares to run for 2018 Presidential

Prof Maurice Kamto, MRC Chairman

The Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement was elected as the party’s flagbearer by delegates from all the ten regions at the weekend during their convention in Yaounde.

A convention that almost did not hold after authorities of the Yaounde Conference Centre threatened to throw the party out of the venue for attempting to pull down pictures of the Head of State in the hall.

Delegates who had arrived on Friday morning found it abnormal for the picture of the Chiarman of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement to be lording over their convetion.

Some even accused authorities of the Conference Centre of adding more pictures of the Head of State in the Hallas a sign of provocation.

“We rented this hall and we want to use it  without the pictures of people who are not part of us. This is not normal (for the pictures to be in this hall), » Barrister Emmanuel Simb, vice-president of the party argued.

His argument was however waved  away by the Director general of the Conference center present on  the scene.

“We are not in political considerations here. The Conference center is a public building. These photos are those of the President of the Republic, Head of State, and not those of the President of the CPDM. We must make a difference. Either these photos stay, or they (Cameroon Renaissance Movement) are free to leave the place and hold their convention elsewhere, ” Christophe Mien Zok said.

After being reminded of the « difference » between Paul Biya the Head of State and the other Paul, Chairman of the CPDM, the delegates of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement had no other option  but to reluctantly accept and proceed with the convention alongside the « Lion man in the hall ».

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