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Maurice Kamto is worse than Paul Biya – Wilfred Tassang

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One of the detained members of the Nera ten Ambazonia separatist leaders, Wilfred Tassang has called on the Anglophone Diaspora to stay away from Paul Biya’s most prominent opponent, Prof Maurice Kamto on the basis that the latter is not a trust worthy person.

In a strongly worded message from his Kondengui cell, Deacon Wilfred Tassang accuses Maurice Kamto, National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party of seeking Anglophone’s help to unseat the Head of State Paul Biya so as to further enslave them.

“Concerning LRC’s Wonderboy, I tell you Ambazonia, run away from him. We have not been able to get Chairman Fru Ndi to endorse the restoration quest, how think us that we can do so with a Kamto? The man doesn’t even flatter us, he doesn’t think we are worth humouring…” Wilfred Tassang said.

“What does Kamto want from Ambazonia? That we support him unseat Paul Biya so that he can, in turn, further enshrine our servitude, or if you will, special slave status…” He added.

According to the detained Ambazonia leader, Maurice Kamto is a liar who is not worth an Amba coin.

He discloses that Prof Maurice Kamto lied when he declared he and his team never discussed with Ambazonia leaders while in detention at Kondengui.

“For the records, the professor lied. I bring this clarification so that those Ambazonians who are falling head over heels to be received by him in the diaspora may know that this man is to be avoided like a flea.” Wilfred Tassang said.

Nonetheless, he admitted they will willingly negotiate with Kamto in case he becomes Cameroon’s President.


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