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Maurice Kamto Urges Cameroonians to Settle for Peaceful Transition 

The president of the Cameroon Renaisance Movement (MRC) made this appeal to Cameroonians last Saturday, August 20, 2022, in Bafoussam.

The electoral deadlines are looming in Cameroon. The political environment is in turmoil. The unsuccessful presidential candidate of October 7, 2018, prepares the people for another election. Maurice Kamto, wants Cameroonians to participate in the democratic transition in peace and through the ballot box in 2025. He chaired last Saturday, the installation ceremony of the leaders of the regional federation of the party he directed.
According to Cameroon’s voice, during this rally, the leader of the MRC explained to the 52 million people gathered at the EEC parish willing to massively register on the electoral lists.
Paul Biya’s Opponent, says “Cameroonians who want change through the ballot box must register on the electoral lists (…) You have shown Cameroonians and the whole world that you have faith in our fight for change, in peace and through the ballot box,” . “We will achieve the change that all Cameroonians yearn for in peace and through the ballot box.” Thus recalled the man who spent nine months in detention in Yaounde because of the persistent claim of electoral victory. The former member of the Cameroonian government insisted on everyone’s action.
“It depends on each of you. From each of us individually. It depends on the ballot. And to be entitled to a ballot, you have to register on the electoral lists,” explained Maurice Kamto. He recalled that these registrations begin on January 1 and end on August 31 of each year.
According to the president of the MRC, who has not held a political meeting for four years, his party has chosen a peaceful path. “That which is accomplished through the ballot box”. The one he calls “responsibility“.
However, this voice is also the one that imposes respect for the results of the ballot boxes and the institutions in charge of the proclamation of the results of the elections in Cameroon. It commands the abandonment of all actions of electoral fraud. It also excludes rules and bodies likely to favor a party or a candidate.

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