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Maurice Kamto’s five-pillar vision for Cameroon

Prof Maurice Kamto, MRC Chairman

The Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement was selected as the party’s flagbearer for the upcoming Presidential election and has set his campaign on five major axis.

Maurice Kamto delivered a long speech at the Yaounde Conference Centre in which which he outlined a detailed program on which his party will use to convince voters to usher him to Etoudi.

Politically, Maurice Kamto has set as major goal to solve the Anglophone crisis by reforming the state after a national dialogue involving the various stake holders, a constitutional reform that will limit the Presidential mandate to two terms as well as a two-round Presidential election. The lawyer finds it absurd for for an 18-year old to be considered a major but unable to vote-this he said would be corrected as well as the effective separation of powers.

In Education, the CRM candidate has promised a radical reform of the system by introducing a learning mechanism centred around the surroundings as well as  innovation, science and technology.This radical change, he said, will be applied from the nursery to the higher levels of learning.

Thirdly, Maurice Kamto says he will focus on production, notably the production and development of energy, the development and modernisation of transpoprt infrastructure, the development and modernisation of the agricultural sector. He also stressed on developing the industrial sector of the country

On the socio-cultural axis, the health map of the of the country will be evenly distributed with the introduction of a health insurance for all as well as the development of the pharmaceutical sector. The construction of a multicultural complex in all the ten regions as well as improving on the status of artists and the construction of sports infrastructure will be of prime importance.

Looking beyond the country, Maurice Kamto promised to establish a strong and strategic collaboration with the Cameroonian diaspora. This he said can only be possible with a clear and concise foreign policy which he intends to put in place.


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