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Mauritania: High school teachers hold sit-in for improved wages

Teachers affiliated to the Independent Union of Teachers of Secondary School in Mauritania on Tuesday organized a sit-in near the gate of the ministry of National Education and Vocational Training in Nouakchott to press for higher wages, APA can report from the scene.“We demand better working conditions,” the disgruntled teachers chanted while carrying banners with slogans expressing their grievances.


“Stop the injustice against teachers” or “The dignity of the teacher above all consideration” some of the banners declared.


A spokesman for the protesters insisted that the teachers have lost all patience and that they won’t remain silent about their unattractive wages and allowances.


He explained that the current salary of a high school teacher in Mauritania does not cover the minimum threshold of his needs in terms of decent food, housing and health care.


“We do not rule out any legitimate means to reach our goal”, the spokesman warned, encouraging other high school unions to join their industrial action.



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