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Mauritania: Iron ore miners end strike

Miners of the Zouerate iron ore and the National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM) workers in Mauritania on Sunday, signed an agreement ending a four-day-old strike.The agreement was reached between the workers’ representatives and the union office of the production department of SNIM, which runs the plant.

Work is expected to resume later on Sunday.

The strike began last Wednesday in reaction to the dismissal of an employee, who refused to be transferred to Nouadhibou, where he had been assigned.

The attempted transfer was considered illegal by the strikers.

Under the agreement, the representatives of the workers undertook to negotiate with the SNIM administration over the requirement of the production department’s union to annul the dismissal.

It was also agreed not to punish the strikers for suspending work during the strike.

SNIM, the largest employer in Mauritania, after the civil service, with a 6,000-strong workforce, on average produces 13 million tons of iron ore a year.

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