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May 20 preparations plunge Yaounde into heavy traffic

The capital city has been caught into the National Unity Day fever as the various stake holders struggle to keep to pace with preparations ahead of Sunday.

This has affected the free flow of traffic in the major cities of Yaounde forcing denizens to wait for hours in their vehicles while others go on foot.

The traffic was intense during a greater part of Thursday morning as all the roads leading to the Central town were blocked as a result of the military rehearsals at the 20 May boulevard.

It is equally the case on Friday morning with civilian rehearsals set to add to that of the military at the May 20 boulevard.

However, to avoid any traffic congestion on the day itself, the Regional Delegation for National Security has made public a note advising users on the possible roads to use to avoid any traffic hold up.

Thus, travellers coming from the Littoral and South Regions have been advised to avoid using the road leading to the Post Office, in the heart of the townn from 6am. Detailed alternative roads have been outlined as fluid traffic will resume at about 14h00. However between 16h30mn and 20h30mn, the road around from the May 20 boulevard leading through Bastos and environs to Etoudi


Published on 03.01.2023

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