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Mayi Mayi militiamen abduct 24 Tanzanian, Kenyan truckers in DRC

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Twenty-four truck drivers, including 21 Tanzanian nationals and three Kenyans, were abducted since 29 June in Lulimba, South Kivu province, east of DR Congo, by Mayi Mayi militiamen, Radio Okapi reported quoting Tanzanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mindi Kasiga.The 24 truck drivers from two companies registered in Tanzania were on their way to the Namoya gold mine in Maniema province, the source said.

According to Ms. Kasiga, the Mayi-Mayi fighters robbed the truckers of their money and all their valuables and damaged some of the trucks, notably by breaking the windows and puncturing the tires.

The Tanzanian government has already officially contacted its Congolese counterpart on the matter.

“We insisted that the operation of the Congolese Armed Forces underway against the Mayi-Mayi rebels takes account of the presence of these truckers to free them,” she added.

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