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Media crackdown in Cameroon raises eyebrows

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Press freedom in Cameroon has come under serious questioning in Cameroon with the recent clampdown on media professionals by security forces.

Questions nare being raised since the detention of Equinoxe radio and television new journalist Mimi Mefo at th Douala Central Prison for propagating false information and cybercriminality.

As Mimi Mefo spends her first full day at the New Bell Prison, another journalist of Le Messager Newspaper Joseph Olinga is appearing before the Bafoussam Court of First Instance to answer charges of Contempt against State Authority.

On Wednesday November 7, Akumbom McCarthy appeared before the Bamenda Military tribunal to answer charges of terrorism after spending close to eight months behind bars following his arrest in Bamenda in the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Two weeks ago, Mathias Mouende, Journalist of Le Jour newspaper was arrested and released hours later for covering a protest march in Douala organised by supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to denounce what they describe as “electoral hold up”.

Further down, it is almost a month since web journalist Michel Biem Tong was arrested and detained at the Gendarmerie headquarters for an alleged audio he produced in support of the Anglophone separatist fighters.

All these acts against the press in Cameroon have drawn widespread criticisms with the Committee to Protect Journalists calling on the government of Cameroon to respect the rights of journalists and provide a conduicive environment for journalists to practise.

The Cameroon Journalists Trade Union has condemned such arrests and has vowed to protect the rights of journalists whenever it feels this is being infringed upon.


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