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Michelle Ndoki: “Cameroonians should join our fight for freedom”

Michelle Ndoki was shot in Douala

Firebrand lawyer and member of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Michelle Ndoki has called on Cameroonians to brave fear and join the nationwide protests called by Maurice Kamto.

Michelle Ndoki who is receiving treatment at a hospital in Douala confirmed she was shot four times on the leg by security forces on Saturday morning as she led a group of protesters on the streets of Douala.

The events on Saturday morning in Douala have not deterred her as she spoke from the hospital calling on Cameroonians to join the protests.

“Do no be intimidated. What happened today is as a result of the fact that we are not yet many. If you want this to stop, if you want that such should not happen to me again, then you have to come out in your numbers,” Michelle Ndoki said from the hospital.

“When I was shot, people started running away and I understand why they ran away but if we came out in numbers, they would have not ran away in fear.”

“You guys need to understand what we are trying to do. We are trying to save our lives…. join the fight.


Published on 28.04.2020

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