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Migrants from Cameroon protest against immigration officials in Mexico

Mexican National Guard troops monitor a group of asylum-seekers from Cameroon and Eritrea protesting Mexican immigration authorities in Tijuana, July 9, 2019. (Max Rivlin-Nadler/KPBS)

Over 100 migrants from Cameroon on Tuesday July 9 staged a protest against Mexican immigration officials accusing them of corruption, local media in Mexico reports.

According to Kpbs, the migrants blocked the path of Mexican immigration vans Tuesday morning in Tijuana accusing immigration officials of refusing accept migrants from Africa for transport to the U.S. side of the border, where they can officially declare asylum.

The migrants say they have been abandoned by immigration officials in favour of Central American asylum seekers who have been granted entry to the U.S.

They accuse the immigration officials of receiving bribes from the Central Americans which has in turn delayed their own process.

Some testified that they have spent two months in Tijuana and had run short of money.

“We’ve been suffering for two months. We have nothing to eat. We’re sick. Everything is finished,” said Stanley, an asylum seeker.

However, eight persons from the group of migrants were called in for a meeting by immigration officials and after and hour reached a “deal” that they would be able to verify the unofficial list each morning, to make sure the correct numbers were being called.

Published on 03.01.2023

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