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Military truck kills one in Kumba

Genedarmerie truck in Kumba crushes bike rider and passenger (c) All rights reserved

At least one person has been killed by a speeding military truck belonging to the national gendarmerie in Kumba and another severely injured, local sources confirm.

The incident occured on Monday around Fiango in Kumba II sub division when the truck was on high speed knocked down a bike, killing its passenger and severely injuring the rider.

Eye witnesses say the truck was rushing to get military reinforcements after clashes had erupted with some armed men around Fiango as the town was observing a ghost town.

Gun men had attacked the market square, sending all home and seizing motorcycles until security officers stepped in to restore order which led to violent clashes.

It is in a bid to rush for more troops that the truck crushed down the bire rider and the passenger who later gave up the ghost prompting an angry reaction from the local population who almost set up the van on fire.

The incident was occuring on a day when the city of Kumba got up to an unprecedented “ghost town” with security officers patroling the streets to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Published on 28.04.2020

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