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MINADER, OCP Foundation partner to promote agriculture in Cameroon

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Cameroon’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, MINADER, has signed a partnership agreement with the OCP Foundation, in the bid to contribute to the development of the country’s agricultural sector.

The partnership which rotates around four axis, was on Friday November 2, signed by MINADER’s boss Henri Eyebe Ayissi and OCP Foundation’s Director Representative, Georges Guibert, in the presence of diplomats and humanitarian experts like the Morocco’s Ambassador to Cameroon, and FAO representatives.

Speaking at the the signing ceremony, Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi, lauded the initiative and praised the OCP Foundation officials for seeing Cameroon’s potentials in the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, Georges Guibert for his part, stated that the partnership illustrates one the best South-South corporations, which African countries aspire to have.

The partnership among other things will involve the training of the Ministry’s senior staff in soil analysis, OCP’s support for the modernization of laboratory equipment and the development of the country’s soil fertility map in order to preserve and nourish the soil.

Going by the agreement, the OCP Foundation will provide MINADER mobile laboratory with rapid sampling kit soil samples for the realization of the fertility map of a pilot area of 100,000 hectres.

In the end, both MINADER and OCP foundation are confident the implementation of the agreement will contribute to the development of the country’s agricultural sector while improving the yields of the main crops grown in Cameroon.

The OCP Foundation, it should be noted, is recognized as a public utility, which participates in the dissemination of knowledge. Its actions revolve around several areas, such as education, training, research and development.

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