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Monkey pox hits English speaking Cameroon

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The dreaded  but rare viral zoonotic disease (from animal to man) caused by Monkey pox virus has hit English speaking Cameroon, Andre Mama Fouda, Cameroon’s Public Health Minister said on Thursday.

Going by a press release issued by the Minister, Monkey Pox was detected in Njikwa, Momo Division, in the North West Region and Akwaya, Manyu, in the South West Region. The release states that the epidemiology surveilance system had recorded cases of human monkey pox in late April 2018. The few cases, the release went on was later confirmed in May with high suspicions of the virus circulating across several health districts.

Studies reveal Monkey Pox is a viral illness caused by a group of viruses that include chicken pox and small pox. The virus has two types, the Central African and the West African types with the West African type being milder and having no records of mortality.

Given the serious consequences of the disease, Minister Mama Fouda urged Cameroonians to take adequate measures in order to reduce the risk of contracting the diseases. In his press statement, the Minister exhorted the population of the North West and South West regions to collaborate with health officials by staying away from sick animals. Persons with fever and rashes were equally urged to rush to the nearest health facility.

“Monkey Pox Should be suspected in any person with rash, fever, chills, sweats, headache backache, lymphadenopathy, sore-throats, cough and shortness of breath”.

Published on 28.04.2020

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