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Morocco suspends flights to Germany, Holland, UK

Morocco has announced it was suspending flights to Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.The announcement was made by the Moroccan Office of Airports on its Twitter account. 

The suspension of the flights took effect on Wednesday, October 20 at 23:59 until further notice, the statement said.

This decision was made after the appearance of a new sub-variant of the highly contagious Delta variant, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Faced with an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections, the British government said on Tuesday that it was “keeping a close eye” on a new sub-variant spreading in the country, although it has not yet been established whether it is more contagious.

This variant “AY4.2” is a sub-variant of the highly contagious Delta variant, which first appeared in India and caused a resurgence of the epidemic in late spring and early summer.

The emergence of this new variant despite the very high contagiousness of Delta, which tends to exclude new strains, raises fears of even higher transmissibility.

It comes at a time when the United Kingdom, which has recorded nearly 139,000 deaths from Covid-19, is facing an increasing number of positive cases, now exceeding 40,000 every day, an incidence rate much higher than in the rest of Europe.

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