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Mortuary attendants warned against selling corpses’ body parts

Ntou’ou Ndong, Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme Division has warned mortuary attendants and administrators of the Kumba District Hospitals against harvesting and selling body parts from mortal remains in the hospital morgue.

The senior civil administrator issued the warning during a recent visit to the hospital. While cautioning them to shun such horrid acts, Ntou’ou Ndong said perpetrators and administrators will be sanctioned severely should any family complain of a missing organ from a deceased relative kept in the Kumba District Hospital mortuary.

The SDO also warned medical doctors who leave their duty post and go looking for part-time jobs in private health centres and hospitals. Noting that it is dishonest for civil servants to earn salaries without doing their jobs, he also criticised medical doctors who open up private clinics. He promised he would suspend salaries of medical doctors who are caught working elsewhere other than their assigned duty posts.

Dr Sandrine Tchakounte Awala Mve, Director of the Kumba District Hospital seized the opportunity of the SDO’s visit to present the needs of the institution. Among the pressing needs, she said the most important is that of inadequate staff. Dr Tchakounte told the government official that the hospital is unable to fully carry out its mission successfully due to lack of staff. She said the number of medics in the hospital is not enough to meet the demands of thousands of patients in Kumba.

Published on 28.04.2020

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