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Movement of bikes banned in Menoua Division

SDO of Menoua has banned the circulation of bikes

The Senior Divisional Officer of the Menoua Division has banned the movement of bikes in four of the six sub divisions in his area of jurisdiction.

However in the other two sub divisions of the Menoua, namely Fokoué and Penka Michel, motorcycles will be able to circulate between 5am and 10pm.

The communiqué signed on May 15 concerns the localities of  Fongo-Tongo, Nkong-Ni, Santchou and Dschang. This follows an order from the Divisional Officer of Dschang restricting the activities of bars and off-licences till 9pm after an undetermined period of time.

No reasons have been given for these restrictions but all point to a preventive measure of a spill over of the Anglophone crisis into the Division which shares borders with the North West and South West Region.

Secessionist threats have surounded preparations for the 20 May celebrations on Sunday with authorities taking measures to avert any incidents.





Published on 10.02.2021

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