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Mozambican criminals escape from police vehicle

A heavily armed gang attacked a police car in the Mozambican capital Maputo on Monday and released two suspects who were being taken for interrogation at a nearby police station, APA has learnt.According to local media reports, the attack took place in broad daylight in the narrow Rua de Imprensa at a time when the whole area is normally full of people.

Eye-witnesses told the private television station STv that the gang blocked the police car when it was stopped at traffic lights and two of the criminals, wearing hoods, jumped out of the car and used AK-47 assault rifles to shoot out the tyres of the police vehicle.

The two policemen in the car then fled, allowing the gang to rescue their colleagues without hindrance.

Maputo City police spokesperson Orlando Mudumane said the two suspects in the car were men who had been convicted of murder and kidnapping and were for the past three years serving their sentences in cells in the Maputo Police command.

The rescued suspects were identified as Jose Aly Coutinho and Alfredo Jose Muchanga.

Coutinho is one of the three men accused of last year’s murder of prominent Maputo prosecutor Marcelino Vinanculos. His case had not yet come to trial.

Published on 28.04.2020

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