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Mozambican passport services brought to Swaziland

Mozambicans living in Swaziland registered and received their national identity documents in the Swazi capital Mbabane, APA reports here on Wednesday.The registration process that took place at the Mozambican Embassy on Wednesday benefited thousands of Mozambican nationals living in the country who had expired documents and those who have never had.

“The office of the Ambassador will be hosting Mozambican Home Affairs department officer who will be providing these services to save our countrymen from traveling to acquire them from Mozambique,” reads a statement issued by the Embassy on Wednesday.

In the announcement it was said that new-born children to 18-month olds will get the documents for free while children between 18 months and 14 years will pay US$1.8.

Passports will be issued at US$41.4 per person.

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