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Mozambiique: Mcel, TDM becomoes Mozambique Telecom after merger

State Mozambique Cellular and Telecomunnication have ben rged and becomes Mozambique Telecom, or simply Tmcel, APA can report on Friday.The merger between TDM (Telecomunicações de Moçambique) and Mcel (Moçambique Celular) was complted last month following a decision taken by the cabinet in 2016.

With the decision, the Government intended to save the two state companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy due to lack of sustainability and high debts.

The operationalization of the decision would imply the sharing of financial, technological and human resources, business management and facilities. But before that, an executive committee had to be set up to run the merger. Rafique Jusob was entrusted with the mission of directing the board of directors of the two companies and merging them.

Tthe new company has a website, where the new image is shown, with the yellow of Mcel making a great presence. Tmcel’s slogan is “Together we communicate and we develop Mozambique”.

Customer Focus, Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Good Governance and Sustainability are the new pillars of Tmcel.

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