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Mozambique and Kenya announce visa abolition

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi and his visiting Kenyan counterpart, President Uhuru Kenyatta have announced
the abolition of visas between the two countries in their bid to boost cooperation and economic ties.The Kenyan head of state arrived in Maputo early on Thursday accompanied by four ministers and 25 businessmen who have met with their Mozambican counterparts.

Kenyatta in on a five-day official state visit to Mozambique, beginning on Thursday.

Firstly, the two leaders announced the abolition of ordinary passport visas, with the aim of facilitating the movement of people and goods.

In addition, the Mozambican leader introduced the matter in the form of a joke saying “the Maputo Municipal Assembly decided to make my brother Kenyatta a citizen of our capital, from our part there are no borders. We are open, he’s telling us here how he will solve this visa problem”.

In response, Uhuru Kenyatta announced that during the official talks, the two governments decided at the time to remove visa requirements to enter both countries.

“From now on, you can visit your brothers in Kenya. They can go to do business without having visas” said the Kenyatta adding that the two governments also agreed on the need to increase the frequency of flights between airlines connecting the two countries main cities.

He said it is in Kenya’s interest taking advantage of the Mozambican mining sector to help develop each country.

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