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Mozambique bemoans Natural Resources dilapidation

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Mozambique has expressed concern over increased illegal exploitation of wildlife, fauna and fisheries resources in the country, worsened by its long land and sea borders and the southern Africa nation loses up to an estimated $72 billion per year to the illegal activities, APA had observed.The head of Mozambique’s national inspection department in the National Administration of Conservation Areas, Carlos Perreia told a meeting in Maputo late on Wednesday that to fight against the dilapidation of natural resources, Mozambique needs to reinforce its inspection, taking into account the current critical situation.

the meeting is discussing legal reforms in the legislation of the country’s biodiversity conservation

“I can, without beating about the bush, describe the situation as serious. Probably, we improved it a bit. But, it is still critical. The unsustainable extraction of resources is clear and the losses of revenues due to the situation are enormous.

“There’s a need for the illegal exploiters to stop their practice against the nature and those who don’t do it must pressurize the illegal exploiters to stop. We should not forget that our country has
got long land and sea borders. This brings about enormous complexity in the application of the law. Basically, we are talking about crime or transnational criminal activity,” said Perreira.

An estimated 570,300 cubic meters of wood has been confiscated in April this year at Inhamizua administrative post in Beira, Dondo.

In Sofala, and at Inchope administrative post, in Gondola district,
Manica, because it was felled during the period of special 90-day forestry exploitation closed season.

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