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Mozambique bemoans rising malaria-related fatalities

The health authorities in Mozambique have expressed concern at the widespread and rising number of people who
die of the mosquito-borne disease, malaria, despite several measures against the epidemic – including the massive free distribution of impregnated insecticide mosquito nets.The ministry says over the past three months, the disease has killed about 300 people out of more than one million malaria cases diagnosed countrywide.

This prompted the technical council of the Mozambican health ministry charged with controlling the disease to meet in Maputo at the weekend to discuss the most effective actions to deal with the deadly epidemic.

Mozambique’s national public health director, Francisco Mbofana told a media briefing on Monday in the capital that the number of malaria cases in Mozambique is increasing at an alarming proportions, particularly during the current rainy season.

This, he explained, is because pools of stagnated rain waters enable the swift reproduction of the mosquitoes of the Anopheles stephensi type obtain a blood meal from a human host through its pointed proboscis.

“We have recorded in the country’s health units and through our elementary and polyvalent agents over 1.3 million cases of malaria” Mbofana said.

“This represents an important challenge. If in three months, we already have 1.3 million cases, it is very likely that this year, we will again reach very high numbers of 7 million malaria cases and more than 200 deaths” he warned.

Published on 28.04.2020

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