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Mozambique fishing port’s rehabilitation ’97 percent complete’

The reconstruction of Mozambique’s Beira fishing port is 97 percent complete after an investment of $120 million to its rehabilitation provided by China.Work on the port began in mid-2017. , and is expected to be complete in June this year.

The original fishing port was destroyed in a cyclone in early 2000.

On Friday, Mozambique’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Ragendra de Sousa led a government delegation to inspect work on the new Beira fishing port.

With the new facilities, Beira will be able to harbour simultaneously 16 industrial fishing vessels, rather than the current eight, according to port operator, Cornelder de Moçambique (CDM), which is a private joint venture between Moçambique Ports and Railways (CFM) and Cornelder Holdings based in Rotterdam, Holland.

CdM has operated the Container and General Cargo Terminals in the Port of Beira since October 1998.

“This will bring foreign currency to the country. As for ourselves, we will be able to eat tuna and other high quality fish”, a Cornelder statement emailed to APA on Friday said.

The current Beira installations can only handle 300 tonnes of fisheries produce a year, but the rehabilitation includes a
state-of-the-art cold store complex, and these preservation facilities will enable the fishing port to handle 70,000 tonnes of produce a year.

The Port of Beira is an important centre for shipping and logistics in the central Mozambican and Central African regions, while serving as a gateway to the neighbouring countries by road, rail and pipeline to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, DR Congo, and Malawi.

Beira is Mozambique’s third largest city.

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