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Mozambique, Malawi to interconnect grids

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The Chief Executive Officer at Mozamboque’s state power utility EDM, Mateuas Magala, has said the project to interconnect the electricity grids of Mozambique and Malawi will cost around 120 million US dollars, APA can report on Wednesday.The official said the project has been on the drawing board since 1998, when Malawi first expressed an interest in buying power from Mozambique, but subsequently with successive government changes in
Lilongwe, Malawi appeared to hesitate and the project was left in limbo for years.
Addressing a media briefing in Maputo Wednesday during a seminar where the economic and financial viability studies, and the environmental impact assessment for the interconnection project were presented,
Magala said consultants are now working on studies financed by Norway, and he was confident that the financial arrangements will be closed by December, and the export of electricity to Malawi will begin by 2022.
“I’m confident that this time Malawi meant business and sending a delegation to this seminar shows that the Malawians are now taking this matter more seriously”, he said.
The key element in the interconnection will be a 400 kV transmission line running for 218 kilometres between two substations, one at Matambo, in the western Mozambican province of Tete and the other at
Phombeya, in Malawi.
Magala said the transmission line will be able to carry 200 megawatts and the main source of this power will be the Cahora Bassa dam on the Zambezi River in Tete.
The project will involve installing a total of 220 kilometers of 220 kilovolt power line and will bring Malawi into the fold of the Southern African Power Pool, which regulates electricity exchange among member countries in southern Africa.
Of the money required, $95 million will be spent on building the line and the substations. The other $15 million will be used for rural electrification along the route of the transmission line.

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