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Mozambique police arrest four state officials for corruption

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Four senior state officials in Mozambique have been arrested for stealing $33,000 from state coffers, APA can report on Thursday.State-controlled Radio Mozambique reported that the Zambezia Provincial Court ordered the arrests on Wednesday.

Those arrested include the former provincial director for food security, Marcelo Chaquisse, who has been charged alongside two others in the provincial directorate of agriculture and food security in Mozambique’s central province of Zambezia.

Chaquisse was removed from his post last month when he was accused of mismanagement of public funds and property, according to Maputo-based broadcaster.
Also charged in connection with the same investigation is the head of the Zambezia Business Council, Alfredo Ramos.
The provincial prosecutor, Miguel Candido, said the accused face charges of embezzlement, abuse of public office, and illicit participation in business.
A World Bank report seen by APA says a failure by the government to combat crime and corruption, and difficulties accessing finance are constraining growth of the private sector in Mozambique.
According to the report, in Mozambique, prevalence of corruption remains an area of concern for both the public as well as donors, who support almost half of the state’s budget.

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