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Mozambique police ditch grey for blue uniforms

Personnel of the Mozambican police have switched from wearing grey to blue uniforms.Launching the new uniforms on Wednesday, President Nyusi said it should symbolize a new police force whose personnel should eschew bribery and corruption and embrace  the strict ethics and doctrines of their profession.

“The uniform should not be worn in order to extort or threaten citizens..when citizens see the police they should feel calm and at peace. Corruption corrodes the basis of the police system, and affects the trust which should crown their relations with the citizenry”, Nyusi said during the ceremony in Marracuene district, some 30 kilometres north of the capital Maputo.

The Mozambican leader reminded the police that corruption has stained the image of the force, contradicting the oath that its personnel take to join its ranks.

“I expect see all forms of corruption eradicated from the police and I urge you to be implacable against corruption”, he said.

He added: “The police should prevent it, denounce and apply the most severe measures whenever this crime is committed”.

The new uniform has a light blue tint that predominates more blue color, but with many embellishments.

When it was created in 1975, under the name of the Mozambique Police Corps (CPM), the law and order men wore a blue uniform.

When it was re-branded to the People’s Police of Mozambique (PPM), its personnel wore green and brown colors.

Before the switch, and operating as the Republic of Mozambique Police (PRM), its uniformed personnel wore grey.

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