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Mozambique unveils 5-year action plan on women, peace and security

A five-year National Plan of Action on Women, Peace and Security has been launched in Mozambique covering the period 2018-2022 and seeking to strengthen the government’s interventions on promotion of human rights and gender equality.Launching the document in Maputo on Monday, Gender, Children and Social Welfare Minister Cidalia Chauque said the plan arose following a resolution of the United Nations Security Council that urged UN member states to take measures to strengthen the participation of women in peace promotion mechanisms.

According to Chauque, the action plan is in line with the desire of the Mozambican government to build a peaceful and harmonious society where women play an active part in conflict resolution.

“Armed conflicts have devastating consequences in various countries, and women and girls are the main victims. Hence their involvement in peace negotiations is indispensable,” Chauque said.

According to the minister, the action plan includes priority actions to be implemented by State institutions, civil society and cooperation partners in the context of women’s participation in conflict management and resolution, assistance for displaced and refugee women, the prevention of violence and sexual abuse, and post-conflict reconstruction.

The plan was drawn up by the Mozambican government in partnership with UNWomen and the governments of Iceland and Norway.

Norwegian ambassador to Mozambique, Anne Lene Dale said women’s participation increases the likelihood of reaching a lasting peace, hence the importance of always including the perspective of gender equality in the government’s work.

Published on 28.04.2020

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