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MPs to Evaluate Anti-Corruption Measures in Cameroon

Bridery and Corruption in Cameroon

This scourge has affected several sectors of social life with more or less significant losses in recent years. Parliamentarians are determined to strengthen the crusade.

Corruption has become one of the favourite sports in Cameroon. The eleventh report of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Conac) released on 10 November 2022 speaks volumes about the phenomenon. It is clear from the results of the investigations that the country lost more than 42 billion CFA francs in 2021; an increase of more than 25 billion CFA francs compared to the year 2020.

It is in this worrying context that the President of the National Assembly, Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, decided to re-launch the activities of the Parliamentary Network for the Fight against Corruption and the Promotion of Good Governance. The members met today in a general assembly with the aim of finding ways and means to curb this growing cancer. “Today was the General Assembly of the network. It is the sovereign body that will decide on the revision of the statutes, renew a number of positions and adopt the action plan for 2023,” said the network’s coordinator, Engelbert Essomba Bengono.


Concretely, the network will remain on its fields of action, in accordance with Article 14 of the constitution, namely: legislate and control the action of the government. “Our role will be to build a national convergence to strengthen anti-corruption legislation on the one hand, and promote good governance on the other. In the wake of the control of government action, we will have to question, evaluate and document the national anti-corruption mechanism.

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