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Mt Cameroon Race Of Hope Launches Regional Selection

Mt Cameroon athletes

Prior to the competition which begins on February 25 in Buea, regional selections began on January 21st 2023.


The protocol of Mount Cameroon race of hope requires that for an athlete to participate in the competition, the latter must go through regional selection phases. It is in this line that several regions in Cameroon have experienced climbs this weekend. In the West region, for example, athletes stormed Mt Baloum when those of Yaounde waweren the side of Mt Mbankolo; same scenario in Buea.

On this side, as CRTV informs, there were 257 athletes for the Veterans, juniors, and seniors categories. They covered a distance of 31km for 4 hours. This allowed the jury to sort and retain those who have the prerequisites for the ascent of Mount Fako scheduled for February 25 in Buea.

On the side of Yaounde, it is a total satisfaction as Marie Chantal Ebodé, president of the Regional Athletics League of the Center underscores, “We are proud because we have achieved our objective which was to organize this ascent of Mt. Mbankolo to allow athletes from the Center region to attend the ascent of Mount Cameroon. We have different categories namely veterans, juniors, and seniors. And all of our athletes have been competitive, and competent. They were up to the competition.”

This year, the competition which has an international scope, will see the participation of athletes from 13 foreign countries.


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