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Muslims implored to exhibit the tenets of Islam

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Muslims have been urged to continually exhibit the high level of self discipline emulated during the period of Ramadan to highlight the true tenets of Islam.

Sheikh Alhaji Yusif Kamatey, a Chief Imam, made the statement while addressing a gathering of Muslims at this year’s Eid Ul-Fitr celebration.He urged Muslims to reflect on the tenets of Islam and renew their faith.

“As a Muslim, you must accept that fasting instills a sense of discipline and responsibility, therefore, desist from selfishness, adultery and other acts that has the potential of bringing the image of Islam into dispute” he said.

Alhaji Kamatey said Ramadan is a period of holiness so all Muslim must endeavour to be benevolent with each other, donate to the needy and preach the virtues of Islam to unbelievers.

He urged Muslims to rededicate themselves by working diligently in any position they found themselves to help change the economic fortunes of the country.

He reminded them of the need to celebrate in moderation to prevent the loss of lives or property.

He said fasting is religious exercise, which draws people closer to Allah, and also brings peace and unity amongst Muslims.


To him, the spirit of Ramadan must be sustained even after the religious fasting exercise.

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