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Namibia, Angola join forces against Malaria

Angola and Namibia have joined forces to fight the scourge of malaria. The two countries made a collaboration pact on Tuesday, which was witnessed by Namibian health minister Dr Bernard Haufiku and his Angolan counterpart Luis Gomes Sambo, at the Oihole settlement in southern Angola, the Namibian Press Agency reported on Wednesday.Haufiku said Namibia and Angola needed to “speak the same medical language” in the campaign against Malaria. We will not win the fight against Malaria if we do things differently”.

Health authorities in the two countries need to deploy community health workers to educate people in remote areas about the problem of malaria and how to prevent the disease, he said.

“They must move from house to house, meet everyone and spread the message that you can prevent death from Malaria,” Haufiku said during the event that marked World Malaria Day.

Minister Sambo on his part promised that his country will continue to cooperate with Namibia in the cross-border fight against Malaria.
State hospitals in northern Namibia provide free treatment for Malaria, TB and HIV/Aids to Angolans.

But Minister Haufiku stressed that Angola and Namibia are planning to set up a common fund and exchange of officials to boost the standard of health across the border.

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