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National Assembly fire incident: Office of SDF parliamentary group destroyed

The fire incident of November 16 at Cameroon’s National Assembly has reduced many administrative offices to ashes, including the General Affairs Directorate, the General Secretariat, and the office of the Social Democratic Front, SDF.

Furnitures, documents, computer equipment in the SDF office are said to have all been destroyed in fire.

Going by reports on the field, the hemicycle, located on the burned building, was untouched. Speaking to Journal du Cameroun, some parliamentarians say they are still to come to terms with the fire incident. Most of them who spoke on anonymity fear the entire building could collapse.

House Speaker still in shock 

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, President of the National Assembly says he has no words to describe last night’s incident.  He is surrounded by a few top personalities who opine that the fire cropped form an electrical problem.

Meanwhile some National Assembly employees are still amazed at the incident. Most of them said their whole career has been ravaged by the fire.

Work at the National Assembly this Friday, has been put on hold.


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