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National Assembly: Parliament budgetary session starts today

Cameroon’s lawmakers from across the national territory are gathering at the Ngoa-Ekelle glass house today November 14, to begin the November parliamentary session.

This session will be aimed at reviewing the state’s draft budget, an announcement from the President reads.

Cameroon’s draft budget for 2018 is projected at F CFA 4,513 billion as against  F CFA 4,373 billion  for 2017. In the draft budget, more than 588 billion CFAF was planned for works with 155 billion CFAF for investment.

For the 2018 budget, the Cameroon’s will negotiate concessional and non-concessional loans amounting up to F CFA 150 billion and F CFA 500 billion respectively.

In 2018, the Cameroon state will  issue government bonds, notably Treasury bonds, for a maximum F CFA 260 billion to finance development projects. Cameroon’s minister of Finance will reportedly be empowered to actively manage the debt and cash through operations of repurchase, exchange or early redemption of issued securities, use of hedging instruments against risks.




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