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National Assembly: SDF lawmakers skip opening sitting

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, SDF MP ©All rights reserved

Legislators of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, have skipped the opening of the November budgetary parliamentary session which opened earlier today in Yaounde.

The opposition lawmakers have said today’s boycott is aimed at showing their disapproval over government’s management of the escalating crisis in the country’s two English speaking regions.

Speaking in a press conference at the party’s Yaounde headquarters, one of the SDF MPs, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam explains the reason for the boycott. “We had enumerated a list of grievances particularly the violence that is being meted out in the North West and South West regions. We had warned that violence begets violence that the forces of law and order are now involve.

“As representatives of the people, we condemn these spiral of violence and our absence today, is to alert people that we disapprove of the policies that are being taken to handle the crisis and we are rebelling against government’s inertia in resolving the Anglophone crisis.

Asked if the boycott will be indefinite, the MP said the party’s executive board dubbed NEC had asked them to participate in the deliberations.

“We will take part in the deliberations. NEC ask us to attend and gave us directives on what to do. We will be fulfilling NEC resolutions”.

As a way out of the crisis, the MP said the Head of State decision to release all those arrested in connection to the crisis needs to be carried out rigorously and urge the government to bring to denounce the forces of law and order carrying violence against the people.


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