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NBA: Cameroonian Christian Koloko Joins Pascal Siakam In Toronto Raptors 

Christian Koloko

At 21 years old, the basketball player has just joined the American club Toronto Raptors.

In the United States, he is nicknamed the Albatross. A nickname that he owes to his height of 2m16 for 102kg. Christian Junior Koloko is the new star who makes the green-red-yellow shine in the NBA. With the University Club of Arizona, he is said to have registered a successful season with his team recording 34 wins and 3 losses. His stats average 18 points and 10 rebounds per game which earned him among the five majors of the season.
No wonder when the draft window rolled around, Toronto Raptors quickly set their sights on the young pivot. He thus joins his compatriot Pascal Siakam who also plays with Toronto Raptors. For the club, he is a very good defender and circle protector
Christian Koloko was born in Douala. He started practicing sport very early. And it is with football that he began. Then at the age of 12, he turned to basketball with his rapid growth from the top of his 1m89 at that age. This is the beginning of an adventure that will lead him to the land of Uncle Sam. In 2017, Koloko was given the opportunity to continue his studies in the United States and thus flew to high school in California where he will combine sport and studies. A choice he will not regret. But which will rather prove to be fruitful.
A year and a half after his arrival in California, the University of Arizona knocked at his door, “I chose Arizona because the basketball tradition of this university, as well as the quality of the courses, offered to me there quickly seduced me. Guys like Steve Kerr, Mike Bibby and Gilbert Arenas have been here, so the choice was the best for me,” says Christian Koloko. With Arizona, he won the title of best improvement for the 2021-2022 season.
Today, a new page opens for the Douala native. His registration for the draft has been successful for the basketball player who is going from glory to glory, “after three years in college, I think I have covered the question and my dream of going in the NBA is right there in front of me. Joining my compatriots Pascal Siakam, who is also from Douala, and Joël Embiid, gives Cameroonians one more reason to be proud, seeing that another child of the country arrives in the best league in the world, “explains Toronto Raptors’ newest player.

Published on 05.05.2023

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