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Ndop prison burnt, prisoners freed

Security forces have launched a manhunt to track down prisoners at the Ndop prisoners who escaped last night after unknown men set the structure ablaze.

According to local sources, armed men stormed the presmises of the prison on Saturday night breaking Sunday, attacking the prison guards that were on duty before setting fire on the structure and freeing several inmates.

Apart from the prison escape, material damage is estimated to be enormous with the prison down and several administrative documents also reduced to ashes. The armed men are also reported to have seized several weapons and amunition in the prison. However we can not determine the human casualty at the moment though several prison guards are reported to have been injured during the attack.

Prison facilities have in recent weeks been targeted by armed men in the Nort West and South West regions of Cameroon with a similar attack carried out in a prison facility in Muyuka last month.


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